How Edge Computing is Reshaping Government

How Edge Computing is Reshaping Government

By Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, January 06, 2021

The new innovative computing is changing the government as it is speeding up the decision-making procedure.

FREMONT, CA: Edge computing speeds up strategic decision-making for today's modern missions by bringing data and knowledge into the fingertips of war-fighters, medical personnel, first responders, and others, including in the most remote environments.

At the heart of mission, success is fast data-driven decision making. For defense, IT policymakers, those accountable for field operations, and people on the front lines, the capability to gather and analyze data in mobile devices, wearables, vehicles, unmanned aerial systems, 


or other operating platforms is nothing short of game changing.

Here are some of the ways that innovative computing is changing government.

Edge computing allows data to be acted on beyond the IT enterprise.

Out in the field, people often have to depend only on instinct to direct them, with little possibility of receiving central command information. Without full situational awareness, conducting vital missions threatens safety and survival.

Once described as computing and processing at the edge of the IT business, innovative computing has developed to mean technology and digital platforms at the tactical edge of the devices themselves that allow data access at the point of data collection. Such the latest communications system encourages those on the floor to make fast and informed quick decisions with the data analysis they require.

Edge computing allows faster, decentralized decision making.

The innovative computing platform will reduce the time from data to decisions without waiting for validation from the central command or a distant server so that war-fighters can make rational decisions.

Soldiers and first responders have immediate access to new data and information with the capacity of processing and computation at the tactical edge. It's at their control to make real-time safe and strategic choices, irrespective of whether they are on or off the grid. Not only can this save time in crucial circumstances, but it may also well mean the difference between life and death. There is no more need to wait for the central command to provide important information in this new paradigm, in which frontier platforms can process and compute data on the ground, and sporadic communication does not compromise the performance or safety of any person.

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