How Does Technology Help in Political Election and Campaign...

How Does Technology Help in Political Election and Campaign Management?

By Gov CIO Outlook | Thursday, June 18, 2020

Technology has been a burning topic in the political landscape and has played a significant role in shaping politicians to use it as a tool for the campaign trails as well.

FREMONT, CA: Most of the political candidates and many political organizations have strong stances on most of the topics with technology, such as data privacy. The right to be forgotten is a must of the household term. In some political circles, like the Libertarian Party, this right is as essential to personal liberty as freedom of speech.

Another relevant topic is equitable access to technology. In the areas around the world, especially in some of the densely developed countries like the United States, often lack access to high-speed internet, and this inequity generates more inequity.

Access to high-speed internet can play an essential role in alleviating many social problems, such as educational and health disparities. Disruptive educational platforms like Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and improved health technologies, like telehealth and fitness applications, are often entirely inaccessible to the world's areas. Top 10 Security Solution Companies - 2020

Dwellers of major and mid-sized cities often take access to high-speed internet for granted, even if it is expected in most public places like libraries, parks, schools, and downtown plazas. But just an hour outside the small city, broadband can be very hard to find, often limiting the residents' opportunities.

Political organizations and politicians aren't the only ones that use technology to shape politics. The advent of digital platforms, mainly social media, has given private citizens the tools to affect the political change on a level like never before.

Citizens have strong opinions about the vibrant role of technology in their lives, and it's no wonder that the political actors and organizations incorporate it into their campaign strategies and platforms accordingly. Politics and technology have always been connected, dating back to the Industrial Revolution, which led to some of the most critical issues in American histories,  like labor protections.

The advancements in technology also allow the citizens to work and play in ways that also enable evil actors to disrupt never before. While some hackers spend a lot of hours trying to access personal or financial data, most of them are dedicated to disrupting the political world. These efforts often go beyond simple hacking for the sake of hacking. For instance, the hacktivist organization Anonymous is dedicated to exposing sensitive political and governmental information to the benefit of the public.

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