How Cloud Will Propel Transformation in Government IT

How Cloud Will Propel Transformation in Government IT

By Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Within government environments, increased data and budget constraints are pushing agencies to implement cloud solutions in their operations to improve IT resource optimization.

FREMONT, CA: In this technology-driven era, cloud computing is evolving fastly and penetrating rapidly in lives. With the potential to transform the way IT is consumed and managed, cloud technology is gaining momentum in different industrial sectors, including the government sector. To allow greater security and accelerate innovation to advance their missions, government agencies need to be able to move and manage data, services, and workflows seamlessly across their IT environments, and the cloud is the enabler. Read on to know more.

Government organizations are redefining their business to deliver improved citizen services. Many agencies are calling support to their mission on critical operations with agile and innovative cloud deployments that incorporate mobile, social, and analytics technologies. Government agencies realize the values of IT consolidation to accelerate operational efficiencies. They are mitigating the cost of IT ownership by consolidating server footprints through cloud and virtualization initiatives. Similarly, data center consolidation is taking place to mitigate hardware costs and reduce energy consumption by many folds.

More government agencies today are leaning towards sharing IT services to mitigate costs and to improve their process efficiencies. Some of the vital federal programs seeking IaaS and SaaS solutions are continuous monitoring, threat & fraud detection, asset management, and prevention programs. Because these cloud adoption models enable the flexibility to implement more services with elastic capacity, the government programs will become increasingly agile and responsive to the dynamic business conditions.

Almost all federal, state, and local agencies offer a variety of citizen services. For instance, allowing citizens to monitor their energy and water usage can help them stay more vigilant of their consumption. Evaluating the status of their service requests and even their medical records along with the informative resources to improve consumer awareness is vital for everyone. Informing and empowering the citizens through dashboards about government and its flagship initiatives is a great initiative to improve citizen services.

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