How Cloud Technology Meets SMEs' Requirements

How Cloud Technology Meets SMEs' Requirements

By Gov CIO Outlook | Monday, February 25, 2019

Cloud technology has the answer to many of enterprises' concerns whether it is cost, flexibility, or business agility.  It is a platform where computing resources are available when needed. Cloud technologies are delivering on the promise to help enterprises work smarter with access to technology and information. It is delivery of computing-as-a-service rather than a product that runs on a system on a company's premises.

The Cloud for SMEs

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), cloud computing has many benefits. As the data and applications are hosted remotely, it does away with the burden of cost, hardware and software acquisition, and maintenance. Below are the most significant ways enterprises can benefit from using cloud technology.

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Scaling Infrastructure: Cloud-based data infrastructure is efficient, inexpensive and responsive to demand. Spending on the server load can provide the most economical solutions for SMEs. Running software off the cloud is extremely flexible, and it enables a lot of software to run completely web-based. Internet access is the only requirement, without the need to install applications on corporate systems. This adds substantial cost savings and energy savings as there is no need for storage and processing capabilities.

Cloud-Based Office Systems: Business is exploring collaborative work environments and cloud-based platforms provides a solution for this allowing multiple users to work simultaneously. The living documents on cloud-based platforms reflect the change for all users instantly. The responsibilities of IT professional in infrastructure management, freeing up time and resources for big-picture projects such as data analysis is reduced by these digital workspaces.

Remote Workspaces: Cloud technology platform drives location independent office environments. The ability to collaborate over cloud services enables employees the flexibility and assistance to work remotely while away from the office. It provides a foundation for a better inclusive workforce.

Big Data Analytics: SMEs are beginning to use big data, and cloud computing gives them the processing potential to use and organize a large volume of data. The ability to make a better decision based on customer data aids significant advantages for SMEs.

Backup and Recovery: For SMEs, data security comprises a challenging hurdle, cloud-based data storage security concerns by building redundancy in an organization's data management approach. The ability to backup data to the cloud in real time avails protection against cyber breaches, allowing enterprises to reduce their dependency on physical infrastructure and manual backups.

With digital services delivered efficiently cloud technology will help SMEs to catch up with their competitors.

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