How Can the Government Tackle Ransomware?

How Can the Government Tackle Ransomware?

By Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, January 21, 2020

With the rising rate of cybercrime occurring all around the globe, Government agencies are the favorite target for cybercriminals.

Fremont, CA The Government agencies house not only a huge amount of highly sensitive data, such as their social security information, tax, health, and criminal records, on every citizen but also provide vital services that keep the communities running smoothly and safely. A data loss can be problematic for millions of citizens. Similarly, a ransomware attack can shut down critical services like public safety, utilities, and others, with the potential to plunge cities, even states, and the federal government into chaos. Other than the risk of attack on an individual agency, there are many that are now integrated with shared databases, which dramatically enlarge the potential threat surface. To add to that, public trust is also a huge issue, as every citizen expects from the agencies they trust to govern, provide, and protect essential services, which will safeguard data and resources with the help of the most advanced technologies available in the market.

New-Gen Computing Expects Modern Solutions

Most of the IT companies still depend on archaic solutions, which have not evolved much since the days of mainframe computing. To manage and update thousands of endpoints with these manual tools is very inefficient, time-consuming, and practically impossible in the case of remote workers. Therefore IT security does not trust IT operations for keeping things updated and responding to breaches on time, formulating hatred, and lack of cooperation between the two teams.

The Reality

According to a recent report, companies have zero visibility over a third of their endpoints and have no control over more than 40 percent. The devices that are continuously used by the employees have zero IT oversight and knowledge on how the software is operating on the machine, its OS version status, or the control over who can do what via its native admin tools.

Leveraging the automated tools has become a necessity because it provides IT, team, with the ability to manage the volume of the tasks they need to perform day-in-and-out, all while mounting a strong defense against the attacks and unexpected events that occur.

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