How Can Governments Track Social Distancing?

How Can Governments Track Social Distancing?

By Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, July 31, 2020

Governments all around the world are looking for technology to trace contacts and social distance.

FREMONT, CA: We live in an era where social distancing is not a mere regulation but something far beyond that. Apart from its regulatory significance, the norm of maintaining social distance has become a mandate to save lives and get through the tough times that the pandemic due to the COVID virus has brought with it. Be it an open place such as parks and roads, or a sheltered one such as a workplace, and social distancing is a must, where individuals could even be penalized for not adhering to this rule.

Governments are finding it increasingly challenging to find out ways to ensure that social distancing is abided by everybody in the world. But governments need not have to really worry about it as technology is here for the rescue. The governmental organizations and other authorities related to law enforcement are relying on location tracking and contact tracing technology. These technological solutions and software not only improve ergonomic safety within the conventional societal boundaries but also help in assessing risk ratios and thereby even prevent adverse complication that arises due to the failure in maintaining social distancing.

The location awareness sensors and devices are developed, especially keeping in mind the situation raised by the COVID virus. Thus, the new contact tracing technology operates at its highest level of precision. The governments are also depending on highly capable wearable technology. These wearable devices come with advancements that serve the purpose of ensuring social distancing. The wearable device can be attached to the wrist or arm of a person, or it can even be worn around the neck. With the help of the internet of things and sensor technology, the device senses and measures the distance between the individuals and alerts the authorities if the value of the distance is against that of the social distancing norm. The wearable technology here is coupled with contact tracing technology. Due to this technological integration, the sensed vibrations about the distance notifies the controlling bodies in the form of audio alerts.

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