How Can Governments Ensure Social Distancing Better?

How Can Governments Ensure Social Distancing Better?

By Gov CIO Outlook | Monday, September 21, 2020

Social distancing is a new and mandatory norm, and touchless technology is helping the governments achieve it better.

FREMONT, CA: The condition of the world has been witnessing a dramatic change after the pandemic. All the adversities that are caused by the outbreak of the novel COVID virus have been influencing the lifestyle of the people in an unimaginable way. With this change, the governments from all around the world are prioritizing the norm of social distancing and trying hard to achieve a hundred percent of its acceptance in the entire world. In the processes of making this happen and helping the world and people in it stay safe, healthy, and responsible, governments are leveraging touchless technology.

Distanced driving and zero or less crowding the public amenities and places are two basic initiatives that the governments are taking in order to combat the attack of the novel COVID virus through the outdoor avenues. Technologists and engineers are making this seamlessly possible with making contactless environments a mandatory reality. By using this technology, the transportation systems would equip their vehicles with health security infrastructures and monitoring aids such as sensors and trackers. Also, the touchless experience features an automated seating arrangement, which helps the passengers maintain adequate distance that is recommended as a safety measure.

Touchless tickets are yet another innovative practice that contactless technology is supporting. In this application, the ticket checking authorities can check and identify the passengers who are traveling without a physical copy of the ticket. The boarding counters may also carry out their checking processes of passengers right from entry to exit in a fully touchless manner. The ID checking and verification process start way before the passengers reach the counters. Such online validation software systems are only helping the governments ensure social distancing in the community to the fullest. In this way, a contactless lifestyle is made more than possible by touchless technology.

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