How Can Digital Experiences Better the Government Citizen...

How Can Digital Experiences Better the Government Citizen Relationship?

Catalina Joseph, Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, January 18, 2022

The measurement of digital efforts is critical in creating meaningful improvements for the citizens to carry out different activities like paying bills, buying food, and many more.

Fremont, CA: Customer experience is significant to any industry, and so is for government agencies. The citizens expect applications to work seamlessly like other apps; therefore, the government must be able to navigate agency websites and apps to better their relationship with the citizens.

When citizens can count on an effortless transaction of information they need, constituents look upon the government as a giver rather than a vast bureaucracy. In contrast, a rocky digital experience can lead to frustration and, ultimately, complaints to government decision-makers.

Top 10 Citizen Relationship Solution Companies - 2019The 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (IDEA ) focuses on meeting the growing customer expectations by designing agency websites and digital services more responsive to user needs and tasks, consistent in appearance, searchable, and mobile-friendly. Although these tasks are all notable, modern software is extremely complex; hence ensuring responsiveness to citizen needs is much easier said than done. While IT teams have the data they require to improve citizen experiences, it is often scattered and difficult to analyze. The capability to quickly find, visualize, and understand data in real-time is crucial for immediate action, and the kind of citizen experiences envisioned in the 21st Century IDEA. 

Securing a complete view of the digital customer experience is a challenge. The entire end-user experience depends on the technology stack—from the cloud or on-premises infrastructure to application to the browsers that finally render the application. Technology teams require the ability to quickly identify, diagnose, and resolve issues in all back-end and front-end services, or else citizens will be prevented from doing vital services online due to poor experiences.

Beyond that, tools such as health maps, which can chart the site's stability, are essential in monitoring customer satisfaction. A single, comprehensive view throughout applications gives agency; IT teams the power to spot and track down problems as they occur in real-time.

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