How Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance Critical Infrastructure...

How Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance Critical Infrastructure Protection

Catalina Joseph, Gov CIO Outlook | Thursday, March 11, 2021

AI-based devices can help the critical infrastructure to protect the area and improve the safety of the employees.

FREMONT, CA: Critical infrastructure protection (CIP) implies the government’s and companies' responses to severe incidents related to water supply, transportation, agriculture, emergency supplies, and many other sectors necessary for a country's stability and economic growth.

The demand for CIP is rising due to the increase of security vulnerabilities, but particularly the energy and power industry is dealing with numerous difficulties. There are infrastructure devices like the transformer of the power station, which can break down because of technical failure. This equipment is expensive and requires a lot of time to repair. Moreover, the working conditions of the employees in such critical infrastructure is also risky. According to researchers, almost 133 workers die from live electrical wires each year, but many countries do not pay much attention to the safety and security of the employees and lack regulations in such fields.

However, AI is helping the government enterprises to deal with such difficulties.

Intelligent Perimeter Protection

Top 10 Smart City Solution Companies - 2019The traditional power plants and industrial parks would select physical defenses while construction like infrared radiation sensors, fences, and vibrating cables. This is one of the primary reasons there are many false alarms so that even during a tiny disturbance like wind or animal, it will be considered invasive. But it can be frustrating for the security staff to check numerous false alarms every day.

However, with the help of AI technology, they can solve this issue. The AI-based devices will detect the objects and classify them according to relevant and irrelevant. The security personnel can set the system to alert whenever a vehicle or human is detected. Furthermore, with this solution, the security staff can also focus on securing the site efficiently.

Intelligent Access Control

The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology can be used as a replacement for security kiosks, widely utilized as dependable access control in the entrance of many vital structures. ANPR can help such infrastructure identify and permit select vehicles like a police car, firefighting truck, and ambulance pass without any hassle.

Under Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS) is used in some cargo areas or industrial parks as it plays an essential role in detecting bombs, illegal materials, suspicious goods, and weapons. It is also an AI-based technology. It becomes easy for security to check a vehicle by evaluating its present underside image with the image captured while it was entering.

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