How AI-Powered Solutions Help Monitor Social Distancing and Contact...

How AI-Powered Solutions Help Monitor Social Distancing and Contact Tracing?

Gov CIO Outlook | Thursday, August 13, 2020

Artificial intelligence solutions are increasingly being used in several ways to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

FREMONT, CA: In December 2019, a novel coronavirus broke out, rapidly spreading across the world. As this is a novel disease, effective pharmaceutical interventions are not available, but community containment measures such as stay-at-home orders social distancing, and lockdowns have been widely implemented by countries aiming to flatten the epidemic curve. Clearly, social distancing has a huge impact on how work gets accomplished. With this, there was an emergence of digital innovations that use artificial intelligence (AI) to maintain physical separations among people continuously and in every environment. Here is how AI comes to help in this scenario.

Top 10 Govt Tech Startups - 2020AI-based social distancing and contact tracing solutions are being developed to enable and enhance risk mitigation methods. The goal is to support government agencies and other authorities to detect, alert, and report on human body temperature, social grouping, and proximity, in addition to personal facial protection. AI is used in proximity sensing equipment like embedded in smartphones and wearables, where proximity sensors are feeding personal digital assistants with real-time ambient AI on crowding conditions. This will help in finding social distancing norms are abided effectively.

Smart cameras using AI are used to automated surveillance of crowds, power applications like occupant counting and wait-time metering, and send notifications when people move too close to each other indoors or in public spaces. Mobile apps are also relying on AI to relate map data to identify the extent to which people remained distant from other people who are infected with a virus. AI has also been used to identify and track the spread of the virus. Contact tracing is not a new epidemic control measure. AI is effectively used for that too.

Nobody can say for sure if the current public-health crisis vanishes completely. The world needs to brace ourselves for the possibility that there may be successive waves of COVID-19 infection down the lane. Powered by AI, application infrastructures will accelerate the social distancing trend toward seamless blurring physical interactions in the coming days.

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