How AI Technology is Improving Citizen Experience

How AI Technology is Improving Citizen Experience

Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, May 20, 2022

Governments have started using advanced technologies so that they can improve the citizen experience by offering better service.

FREMONT, CA: Recently the introduction of digital technologies has developed numerous customer service platforms from which they can have direct access to online government services. In most cases, while designing and using these new digital services, the user experience is overlooked.

Interaction with the government agencies and their digital experience will form the citizens' expectations of the service. According to surveys, the government's expectations of the technologies are increasing as the citizens are increasingly using such user-friendly AI solutions in their everyday lives. Therefore, it has become imperative that in this era of digitalization, it has become essential to offer convenient and smooth customer experience in all the channels.

Complex service channels

: Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies - 2018The citizens expect their government to offer proper service while they are interacting with them on online platforms. Therefore, the agencies have applied several channels and technologies to manage the demand if the citizens. However, most of the time, citizens can get frustrated when they see the complicated procedure and the long waiting times. Therefore, the problem does not get resolved even if governments are using mobile apps, websites, or chatbots as they are not designed according to the requirement.

AI-enabled call centers

There are many countries where the government has started call center operations. The customers will have efficient and smooth digital experiences with voice recognition and natural language processing. The technology will go beyond the traditional method of interaction and enhance customer satisfaction and decrease cost. The government offices can also use deep AI platform skills and intelligence technologies driven by data to offer organizational comprehensions for management.

Many government call centers are even using automated routine inquiries to offer the customers better services at a reduced cost. The system has generated a unified platform by merging the related search for public websites, a digitalized assistant to conduct web chat and phone interaction, and an agent to manage emails.

However, to use AI's full potential, government agencies have to consider better technological solutions. They must also make sure that they focus on developing human skills and develop a new organizational procedure that will support AI-powered citizen service.

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