How AI Makes Solving Crimes Look Easy

How AI Makes Solving Crimes Look Easy

Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, September 21, 2021

With sensors connected to a cloud-based application, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can potentially help detect gunshots.

FREMONT, CA: Various industries worldwide are adopting AI's capabilities to increase production and generate a high return on investment. AI is also being used by law enforcement to solve crimes ranging from minor to major. The machine learning models assist the police department in guiding them through each phase of the criminal justice process without wasting time on ineffective procedures. It increases productivity to assist victims in receiving justice as quickly as feasible. To determine the harshness of the sanctions, jurors analyze numerous pieces of evidence recorded by AI. As a result of applying Artificial Intelligence to solve crimes, there has been a considerable increase in crime prevention and detection.

Cities are becoming smarter as more high-tech CCTV cameras are installed, and 6smart devices are purchased. AI models are used to analyze real-time data from CCTV cameras and smart device records. When police officers need to hunt down criminals, they prefer to employ AI as a smart assistant to keep track of their movements. The facial recognition technology aids in determining a victim's last known location and detecting criminal or abduction behavior.

With sensors connected to a cloud-based application, AI can potentially help detect gunshots. A bystander does not need to call the police and report the gunshots. Multiple sensors record the time and sound of gunshots and provide real-time data to the police department, allowing officers to determine the shooter's present location.

AI is used to solve crimes by recognizing vital and hidden clues from various crime scenes that are impossible to identify with the naked eye. It paves the way for a slew of new linkages based on photographic evidence. The novel links are worth checking out because they cut down the time solving a crime and apprehending the perpetrator.

The effective use of AI in investigating crimes helps law enforcement officials in crime prevention and detection. Though there are some risks associated with employing AI and machine learning models, they are becoming increasingly prevalent worldwide.

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