How AI Helps Run State Government

How AI Helps Run State Government

By Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Technologies like artificial intelligence and also cognitive computing can offer significant opportunities as well as challenged to the government. The state government should take full advantage of AI to reshape government processes.

FREMONT, CA: Recently, the primary function of the computers is to process the information, which means to take structured inputs, perform manipulations, and also to produce the outputs. At present, AI and cognitive computing are vastly increasing the power of computers to deliver large value. In terms of processing, the computers no longer need to follow the set of hard-coded instructions. Leveraging machine learning can help the computers to program themselves adaptively. AI is starting to match human intelligence ranging from driving a car to playing poker to enabling the medical diagnosis.

What does AI have to do with the Government?

AI-based programs will be a job-killer for the state employees. It is a more likely scene that is particularly in the near term, maybe that cognitive technologies will free up the workers from being dull, dangerous, and also repetitive tasks, and augment their ability to perform increased value-added work. Most of the state government has already started experimenting with AI-based applications to enhance services. The widespread adoption of artificial intelligence has been slower in the government in the private sector.

All sectors of government face challenges in adopting new technologies. Moreover, the public entities tend to be less agile than the private sector that owes in part to establish practices and processes. While many government employees derive most of their work satisfaction from having the opportunity to impact society positively rather than from financial compensation, it can be very easy to adopt a transformative technology like AI if agility is not inherent to the organization's culture. AI-based technology applications can help the government to reduce the backlogs, cut costs,  overcome resource constraints, and also enhance the accuracy of projections.

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