How AI Can Help Design Effective Election Campaigns

How AI Can Help Design Effective Election Campaigns

Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, August 14, 2020

Election campaigning is here to stay, and AI is the prospective future of these campaigns, allowing campaigners to channelized their ideologies in better ways and in useful directions.

FREMONT, CA: Election is a crucial turning point in the life cycle of any government. But, before the actual voting day, the election campaigning begins months in advance—each party contesting through various media – print hoardings, television channels, social media platforms, and even loudspeaker rallies. This entire campaigning process involves massive monetary expenditure, not to mention. But, what if something can significantly reduce the time, effort and money spent on election campaigns and still yield effective results? The revolutionary Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology can play a vital role in shaping the future of election and campaign management as well. Here is more to it.

Top 10 Election and Campaign Management Solution Companies - 2020Election campaigns can sometimes go overboard with promotion, talking about things that may or may not interest a voter. This is where AI can come to help. By measuring the interests of individuals through their expressions on social media platforms, AI-driven machine-learning algorithms can assist people in designing the campaigns include more information on such topics that interest a specific group. With this, the election campaigns of political parties can be customized to be palatable to individual tastes and interests.

Election campaigns are undoubtedly a complex affair; promoting each party in every remotest part of the country is no easy task. To make the whole exercise more effective, AI can be of great use in collecting a massive amount of data online on general public mood, voter behavior, party preferences, development needs and many more. The processing of this vast data set to understand the needs and demands of voter groups is very useful. This data can then be used by party campaigns to micro-target their voter audience groups, serving them exactly what they want. AI can help bring efficiency in the entire data analysis process by significantly reducing the amount of time, effort, labor, and cost involved.

AI can also be effectively used to engage the voters on an individual level during the entire election campaign process. Chatbots and discussion forums on social media platforms can be set up to encourage people to leave feedback in which the public mood can be gauged. Moreover, AI can help collect all this data in real-time and allow party campaigners to change their campaigns accordingly, depending on what the public says about them.

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