How AI Can Enhance Pre-Employment Screening?

How AI Can Enhance Pre-Employment Screening?

Gov CIO Outlook | Thursday, November 21, 2019

The pre-employment screening industry can progress by combining the combination of technologies like AI, machine learning, and deep-search algorithms

FREMONT, CA: Background screening is not an easy task as it requires the entire picture of the applicant’s history for creating a quality result. To acquire more in-depth insights, the companies have to research different database for the exact information necessary to hire a candidate in a short span of time. Though the information has to be merged in a database before it is investigated, the combination of technologies consists of AI, machine learning, and deep-search algorithms. Thus data digitalization helps to verify background rapidly to anyone in need of a detailed and reliable result. 

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 The background check can help in investigating the background of the candidate, which includes their employment, education, criminal records, motor vehicle, and license record checks. Every type of inspection reveals unique information relevant to the examination.  

Here are the two crucial process of how cutting-edge technology is helping to check background.

In the world of internet, it has become easy to track and obtain information. With all the new technologies, it is not a difficult task to know about a person. 

Access Data Quickly

Artificial Intelligence (AI) assists in processing a massive amount of data in a short period, too by entering a person’s name in the search engine and the names that have matched will be displayed. Therefore, along with search algorithms for background verification, it is possible to streamline search results, and the matches also serve more than one criteria. 

Smarter Data Analytics

AI permits the aggregation of data, but merging it with the machine learning helps the background careening process to give importance to data according to the relevance. Every information regarding a person is necessary, only the data helpful to conduct background verification is required. The new technologies only provide valuable data like address verification, criminal records, and past employment records to the hiring company. AI can quickly generate a score for the candidate just by taking into account critical performance factors.

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