Government Suits Up with Cyber Security to Fight Against Threats

Government Suits Up with Cyber Security to Fight Against Threats

By Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Utilizing cybersecurity's best framework helps the government protect itself from all kinds of cyberattacks, while also minimizing the vulnerabilities, building resilience, and countering malicious actors in cyberspace. It protects by responding to incidents and making the cyber ecosystem more secure and resilient to the government.

FREMONT, CA: Cybersecurity and network infrastructure are very important and are vulnerable to several attacks stemming from both the physical and cyber threats, and hazards. The Sophisticated cyber bodies and the government exploit the vulnerabilities to grab information and money. These actors are developing capabilities to disrupt, destroy, or threaten the delivery of the essential services.

There are plenty of actions that the government, corporations, and even the individuals take to protect themselves from various kinds of online attacks. The three main ways in which cybersecurity intersects in protecting homeland security are listed below.

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Cybersecurity in Defense

Threats that are made against the well-being of homeland security, especially cyber threats, are guarded by implementing powerful cybersecurity measures. The items that fall under the nation's critical infrastructure are among those that are under the most protection by these combined forces, comprising the country's transportation, energy, diplomacy, and even the power grid. The hacking of these items can bring a devastating impact on the entire nation. Cybersecurity organizations work by monitoring the internet and social media for terrorist activity and report them from creating further risky issues.

Cybersecurity and Technology

With the expanding need for cybersecurity at the national defense-level, there are plenty of examples in which the cybersecurity experts team up with technology companies to protect the data from leaking and hacking. Even Technology companies are struggling to protect the data of their customers, let alone the data of the nation as a whole.

Policy and Enforcement of Cybersecurity Practices

2017 Equifax data breach is one of the most prominent examples of a cyberattack that resulted in the emergence of new policies and procedures by security agents for corporations to follow. In this scenario, the personal data of 143 million people was stolen from one of the largest credit reporting agencies in America. This data comprised of social security numbers, birthdays, addresses, and driver's license numbers.

Citizens may recognize the larger acts of government legislation, which have been established to protect the nation like the 'Patriot Act.' There are other policies, procedures, and regulations established and enforced that the public is not familiar with. This is very true with regard to cybersecurity.

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