Gallagher to DoubleSecurity Team Across the United States

Gallagher to DoubleSecurity Team Across the United States

Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Steve Bell, CTO, Security

Gallagher, an award-winning security manufacturer, is witnessing a massive expansion of its United States team, with the plans to more than double their headcount by December 2020.

FREMONT, CA: The new roles will accelerate support for Gallagher’s integrator network and customer base across the U.S and enable increased support and response to new opportunities.

Gallagher is recruiting many regional sales managers, key account managers, and roles in their federal and general sales and marketing positions.

“We’ve experienced huge growth across the United States over the past few years and we’re excited to be increasing our team once again,” said Scott Elliott, Gallagher’s Vice President for the Americas. “We’re on the path to becoming one of the top security manufacturers in the five eyes alliance and we’re invested in finding the right people to support our growth potential.”

At present, Gallagher has sales managers located throughout California, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, Maryland, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Texas, and Virginia. The new positions will add coverage for other geographical areas, with roles in New England, the Mid Atlantic, Great Lakes, Southern California, North Central, North West, Florida, and the Carolinas.

Gallagher is a global leader in the innovation, manufacture, and marketing of technology solutions for the animal management, security, and fuel systems industries. Gallagher employs more than 1000 staff worldwide, building enduring partnerships across 140 countries. Their success can be credited to a customer-centric approach to research and development with a strong focus on end-user needs. This philosophy is endorsed with almost 10 percent of the group’s total revenue invested in research and development each year.

Gallagher was featured in Govt. CIO Outlook as one of the Top 10 Security Solution Providers-2019.

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