Gallagher Releases Latest Version of Command Centre

Gallagher Releases Latest Version of Command Centre

Gov CIO Outlook | Thursday, November 19, 2020

Steve Bell, CTO, Security

The regular Command Centre software releases enable Gallagher to offer the latest security technology into the hands of its customers.

FREMONT, CA: Security manufacturer, Gallagher, release Command Centre v8.40, the latest version of its world-class security and site management software. Command Centre v8.40 presents the future of photo ID—the Mobile Connect Digital ID—along with a number of enhancements that offer sites greater flexibility for managing their security.

Gallagher’s Digital ID eliminates the cost and inconvenience of issuing physical photo ID cards, instead offering a secure, on-phone and digital alternative through Gallagher Mobile Connect. Digital ID optimizes ID provisioning with the potential to issue and revoke IDs remotely, while real-time updates with Command Centre keep IDs permanently up to date.  “Keeping security systems up to date is one of the best methods customers can keep themselves secure. With cyber threats on the rise, Command Centre v8.40 features enhancements to improve cyber and physical security,” says Meredith Palmer, Chief Product Officer at Gallagher.

Enhancements to Gallagher’s Monitored Pulse Fence help to accelerate detection capabilities while reducing false alarms. A range of health and safety improvements to third-party integrations, including a new integration with ThyssenKrupp Elevators, provide a more seamless user experience. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Command Centre v8.40 also allows sites to issue mobile credentials to visitors and contractors from the Visitor Management reception client, helping to mitigate direct human contact.

Acknowledged for its success in the design and manufacture of security technology, Gallagher is a leader in developing effective solutions in line with these areas. Whether securing a single door or a thousand buildings, the company has the proven core competency needed to deliver high-assurance solutions and unique and compelling business value. “We believe in the value of innovation and continually develop and enhance our products to ensure we meet our customers’ changing needs. We are committed to having customers for life, and our goal is to keep offering customer-centric solutions with the strongest authentication and the highest level of security,” explains Steve Bell, CTO, Security at Gallagher.

Gallagher has been featured as one of the Top 10 Security Solution Providers 2019 in Govt CIO Outlook.

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