Fimatix Launches Track and Trace Kit for Workplaces to Manage...

Fimatix Launches Track and Trace Kit for Workplaces to Manage COVID-19 Risks

By Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, September 25, 2020

Fimatix has launched an autonomous track and trace kit which has been developed mainly for workplaces to help businesses manage COVID-19 problems.

FREMONT, CA: Fimatix has launched an autonomous track and trace kit. It has been developed mainly for workplaces so that it can help the businesses to manage COVID-19 problems efficiently. The Shield for the Workplace makes use of Bluetooth wristbands, which are connected to a desktop control system that allows workplaces to instantly distinguish and isolate anyone in the workplace who was in contact with an infected person.

The system is being launched during a time when people are considering returning to work in offices, labs, and other workplaces. Fimatix is making use of the Shield technology in several working environments in the UK, and the system is now accessible for other interested companies in the UK and worldwide.

According to Tim Howarth, the Managing Director for Financial Services at Fimatix commented, the company developed Shield for the Workplace so that it can insert a positive role in the management of risk. It will also offer the employees with more reassurance when they consider returning to work from the office. During such a situation when businesses and governments are working collaboratively to boost the economies impacted by COVID-19, the company believes that this technology will provide people with more peace of mind. It will also allow real-time contact tracing of the entire workplace.  The company is also helping to make sure that everything possible is being done to make the most of a COVID-19 free work environment.

The algorithm of Shield for the Workplace is constructed by medical experts so that they can fulfill the new Public Health England and WHO guidance about social distancing and prevention of contagion. Therefore, only the business using the system will have access to and manage data related to its staff.

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