Evident Predictions For Automotive Security Landscape

Evident Predictions For Automotive Security Landscape

By Gov CIO Outlook | Thursday, February 14, 2019

The automotive industry has traversed a long path—since its beginning—and today the connected vehicle is a reality. Manufacturers strive to improve the vehicle models for the cybersecurity as well. In recent times, the security platform of connected vehicles has witnessed some major disruptions leading to significant concerns with security. The incrementing number of smart vehicles have proliferated opportunities for hackers to get a broader target and access the critical user database. Not just user data, but also malware gaining control of braking and steering system can lead to passengers and drivers death. As industry in developing new security defenses, hackers will continue to evolve their attack methods in the proximate future.

Zero-Day Attacks on Rise

Various cyber attacks exist that have not taken place or noticed yet. Such attacks only get noticed when happened before which there is no security measure for them, such attacks are known as zero-day attacks. With the evolution of cyber technology, it has become hard to forge a security defense against all kinds’ of–existing and non-existing—cyber onslaughts. Also, hackers are now utilizing artificial intelligence to build and deploy threats, making the scenario worst. In the proximate future, more zero-day attacks will be witnessed, and automotive manufacturers will have to struggle against the same.

OEMs to Get Trained in Cybersecurity

New cybersecurity regulations are now concerning OEMs to stop relying on component suppliers and get themselves assisted with experts in the field. OEMs will now have to come up with their homegrown security solutions to tackle the evolving cyber threats and make their connected vehicles safe. On the other hand, component manufacturers will require upgrading their security standards as regulations apply to them as well. Moreover, it will become a need to compete in the race. Driver and passenger safety is the ultimate goal of any vehicle and manufacturers will have put their best foot forward to achieve the same.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Automotive industry will develop detection system intrusion of cyber anomalies. Technology like AI will prove to be handy which is capable of delivering real-time anomaly detection and prevention. Security operation team can merge AI with IoT devices of the vehicles to ensure safeguarding against cyber onslaughts. 

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