Emerson Announces Enhancements in its Location Awareness Technology

Emerson Announces Enhancements in its Location Awareness Technology

By Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, August 21, 2020

Emerson adds new features to Location Awareness technology to help manage workplace density, improve worker safety, and ensure business continuity during COVID-19 pandemic.

FREMONT, CA: Emerson announces enhancements in its Location Awareness technology to include social density management and contact tracing to safeguard employee health and support essential industries to safely continue their operations during challenging times like coronavirus pandemic. Working with its Plantweb digital ecosystem, Emerson’s Location Awareness delivers an easy-to-install, reliable, and cost-effective solution in the most severe industrial settings for companies to better safeguard employees and help develop new work processes and practices for operational continuity.

Location Awareness offers relevant-time, safety-focused monitoring of personnel, allowing enhanced geofencing and monitoring, improved safety mustering, and more effective safety alerts. All these is performed by leveraging WirelessHART networks, a secure standard adopted in several industrial plants worldwide, along with battery-powered anchors and rechargeable personnel location tags, It’s approximated that the system can help address more than 70 percent of common personnel-recordable incidents. It can also be implemented in just days, compared to weeks for existing systems, and costs less than half of conventional alternatives.

Workplace safety has always been paramount for enterprises, but now more than ever, they need tools to manage employee exposure risks and sail through new regulatory requirements. The new Location Awareness, social density, and contact tracing functions, can help keep workers safe while maintaining vital operations during COVID-19 pandemic.

The updated Location Awareness technology allows manufacturers to harness the Plantweb Insight Location application to digitally design geofenced areas that limit the number of personnel in particular locations to promote social distancing, consistent with safety guidelines and best practices recommended by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The technology also provisions reports for contact tracing in the event a safety risk, enabling employers to immediately identify and notify other employees and to determine the physical environment areas requiring deep cleaning. Plantweb Insight data will help spot high-risk scenarios and decide manufacturing workflows for enhanced safety.

In addition, Location Awareness can be utilized for safety enhancement for drills and emergencies and safety alerts observing dangerous situations. The latest technology can also be used for creating known hazardous zones and contractor work zones using geofencing.

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