Does The Government Require Better Cybersecurity?

Does The Government Require Better Cybersecurity?

By Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, November 15, 2019

Since a considerable amount of CNI is looked after by the private sector, it becomes necessary for the organizations to equip themselves with transparency into their networks and fight the cyber attacks.

FREMONT, CA: For a few years, the owners of critical national infrastructure (CNI) have increased the digital transformation initiatives to meet the rising energy needs of the country, transportation, and water services. Several providers have found that automating operational processes is significant to achieve the heights of efficiency and reliability. Therefore, with enhanced connectedness comes a higher cyber risk, which needs to be managed proactively by the security professionals.

Digital transformation carries a well-connected infrastructure as well as holds certain risks that cannot be addressed by the existing operators as they are not skilled enough for it. Every enterprise needs to consider cyber threats as a risk and try their best to manage the risk with appropriate solutions. Since CNI operators are accountable for providing vital public services, the disturbances of those services can have a high impact on the residents.

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In sectors that are data-oriented like retail or finance, a severe security incident can have a lot of impact on the ability of the company to process data and conduct business. It might also put individual information or trade secrets at risk as well as cause long-lasting reputational damage. A flourishing cyberattack on CNI like a power grid, on the other hand, can make a way to a public disturbance and allow potential risks to affect people’s lives.

The possible impact also targets the CNI for malicious nation-state activity. A victorious cyber strike against critical infrastructure has ended up being a less harmful alternative for the utilization of military force.

Cyber attacks are significant threats for CNI, so a quick action needs to bring digitalization into the industry that comes adjacent to several impressive benefits in national as well as international level. Leveraging a better-interconnected infrastructure combined with advanced computing and industrial automation increases productivity plus the output. It makes it possible to utilize a powerful strategy such as predictive and remote maintenance to make it convenient to recognize and solve the problems before they turn out to be serious threats.

Therefore, several organizations that are a part of the CNI need to find a solution along with a way to balance the utilization of the benefits without exposing the data to various cyber risks.

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