Does AI Impact the Functioning of the Government?

Does AI Impact the Functioning of the Government?

By Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Artificial Intelligence FREMONT, CA: AI has begun to manifest throughout the world and affect many facets of people’s everyday lives. One question has been increasingly common in technology circles―AI’s role in making policies that impact the government sector. In the recent months, there has been extensive debate about the requirement for governments to start planning regulations in place to deal with the application of AI platforms.

AI’s Role in Framing Policies:

When most people come across the idea of AI having a role in government power or politics, their mind goes right to the concept of robots leading a country. However, the responsibility that AI is taking on as a means of participating in the government sector is not as an obscure leader or cold decision maker that bases its verdicts on a computer program. AI already has a significant role in the government through its facility to gather, analyze, and envisage data related to everything from healthcare and environmental solutions to problems such as poverty and violence.

The position that AI will take on—and in a sense, has already started handling—in government is that of a controlled process for gathering relevant data that helps people in the administration make better and more informed decisions. A government where an AI program can make rational and precise predictions about the outcome of specific policies or events will help to prevent widespread problems. The spread of contagious diseases and contaminated food outbreaks can be thoroughly dealt with through AI.

AI to Change the Future:

People will be amazed at the many ground-breaking capabilities of modern technology. Gone are the days of gawky algorithms and unproductive programs. Today, AI is reshaping the world by playing an even larger and more important role in our lives. In addition, AI is sure to play a role in the unremitting development of countries determined to make progress in all sorts of technical fields, from economics to battling pollution and everything in between. 

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