Data Stored in the Cloud must be Accessible and Searchable

Data Stored in the Cloud must be Accessible and Searchable

By Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Internet is changing the way humans are using computers, laptops or handling computing devices like tablets and smartphones. The geographic limitation has nothing to do with the internet thereby inciting demand to access digital files from any device and from anywhere. Switch to the cloud storage.

Cloud storage enables the users the ability to access the required information from the networked device of their choosing; however, that information is still locked away on private computers and private cloud accounts. To make this cloud-stored information accessible and searchable on the internet, cloud storage has to become more accessible.

Benefits of making Cloud Technology social and searchable are far-reaching. Let’s see how.

1. Advancement of technology: Unlocking what cloud has to offer expands the amount of information and knowledge that is publicly available. This will lead to more and more questions and will provoke one to seek solutions to those existing challenges and predict the future ones as well. The expansion of the current knowledge base drives innovation and the potentials to improve the quality of human life.

2. Website-free content sharing: Making cloud storage searchable enables people to share content without creating a website. For instance, subject matter experts do not need to create an account, purchase a domain or transfer their content into hypertext pages. Social cloud storage enables one a manageable way to share what they know with whoever wants to know.

3. A multitude of Source: Social cloud storage allows people who are introvert to share the perspectives, information, etc. they have created without putting themselves on public display or face the prospect of rejection by a conventional publisher. The most significant benefit of cloud storage is the ability of users to assert more control over their search experience. Social cloud storage enables users to effectively escape the “filter bubble” formed by a search engine that confines results with those that conform to search history.

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