Cybersecurity Tactics for Public Sector

Cybersecurity Tactics for Public Sector

By Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, May 01, 2019

CybersecurityMeeting the increasing demands and expectations of experienced digital users means embracing technology to reinvent the way government does its business. But this modernization also exposes citizens to new vulnerabilities. Cybercriminals are waiting to get sensitive data and personally identifiable information. The combination of sensitive data and technology creates a perfect mix for ransomware hackers and denial of service attacks. For this, cybersecurity must be a primary concern for the government as the sensitive data they store makes it a matter of public safety and must pursue cyber defense strategies informed by an intelligent plan.

AI and Service Desk

Public sector leaders are making their agencies and employees more vulnerable to cyber threats by neglect building cybersecurity tactics. Their desire to quickly drive results with outdated service applications makes potential entry to attacks. As the digitization of public sector continues, AI and automation can resolve the challenges regarding that efficiently. AI facilitates the process by helping requesters provide specific categories and subcategories, guiding them to self-service solutions for tasks and identifying critical requests for technicians to solve, ensuring they receive the attention necessary for mitigating risk. AI and automation a twofold benefit that it ensures employee assets remain up to date and secure, and automation drastically reduces remediation time for common IT issues providing more effective service.

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Documentation and Reporting

When visibility is restricted to the individual request level, it is challenging to analyze IT trends and security concerns. Technicians trying to keep up with resolving particular issues may miss out the signs of bad actors at play. With documentation capabilities leaders can gain greater visibility in high level IT issues and trends. Documentation and reporting from requests make inferences about the insights captured. Reports are easily accessible and allow the team to inform stakeholders about department operations and cybersecurity concerns. If a new ticket appears that doesn’t match past information, the system flags it as a potential threat and gives the ticket an extra layer of scrutiny with documentation of the previous service requests and asset information.

Security must always be a top priority for public sector leaders, but with an effective, efficient strategy.

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