Could Remote Working be an Opportunity for Cyber Criminals?

Could Remote Working be an Opportunity for Cyber Criminals?

By Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, April 07, 2020

As the pandemic COVID-19 continues to spread, enterprises and institutions have started migrating towards remote working. But could this give rise to more cybercrimes?

Fremont, CA: With the sudden outbreak of coronavirus, social distancing and self-quarantining has become almost mandatory to get through this phase. Due to this, enterprises are encouraging their employees to work from home. Several educational institutions are also migrating to online classes. Although online classes or work from home are not new concepts, these can open doors for cybercrimes.

A large number of employees will be migrating from secure enterprise networks to unsecure home networks. Similarly, students opting for the online classes will be using their unmonitored home networks.

Top 10 Public Safety Solution Companies - 2019It is possible that cyber frauds are planning coronavirus themed cyberattacks. With panic around the pandemic virus continuing to occupy most people, cyber threat actors can leverage the situation and organize malware attacks that involve Emotet and other threats. Organizations will have to be prepared to face challenges that people might encounter in remote working.

The biggest challenge for enterprises is the lack of IT resources. Once the staff and students are beyond the usual perimeter, it becomes a much bigger task to manage device sprawl, and patch and secure innumerable endpoints.

One of the other most important challenges will be if companies and institutions require special configurations on the users' individual devices for them to be able to work or learn comfortably. There are also many companies that are relatively new to telecommuting and will have to overcome this for the work to go smoothly.

However, companies and institutions can overcome these challenges with proper planning. It is essential to organize a remote-work tabletop exercise with the leadership. It is also critical to make risk assessments of employees' and students' computing setups. Increasing VPN capacity might help solve the issue of legacy on-premises applications, which cannot be replaced overnight due to remote working circumstances.

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