Cloud computing security benefits

Cloud computing security benefits

By Gov CIO Outlook | Saturday, December 15, 2018

Cloud computing is a term that has gained popularity over the last few years. The exponential increase in data use made a transition to a digital twenty-first century. The difficulty involved with storing all vital information, programs for individuals and organizations are growing. The solution to this problem is cloud computing, that has only gained widespread application for businesses recently.

Today companies migrate more and more of their data to the cloud makes the question of cloud computing security relevant. Data breaching will cause loss of a large volume of data. In order to prevent these issues in cloud computing need to adopt tools to safeguard the data stored. The top benefits of cloud computing securities are listed below.

• Multifactor authentication: Multi-factor authentication verifies user identity with multiple verification methods from independent credential categories. These verifications process can be passwords, hard token or fingerprint.

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• Physical security: Vendors are equipped to prevent data loss from natural disasters, power outages and common errors with well-crafted disaster recovery plans.

• Security certificates: The issuing of security certificates make it easier for organizations to trust the cloud vendors. Those who are offering the certificate must have qualified and experience in secure handling of data.

• Less room for error: Since data is stored on the cloud the loss of a physical device will not affect the data. Data will be neither stolen nor misplaced.

• Patch management: Patch management involves managing patches within a network keeping them up to date. Cloud-based solutions offer comprehensive scanning to identify missing patches.

Solutions by a cloud computing service provide a solid foundation for preventative and protective measures, crucial to the financial business. Cloud computing security is built upon the basic benefits of increased security, making it safer for employees, clients, and business to operate and collaborate across multiple locations and devices. Security should always be at the center of the operational routines.

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