Changing Realities of Digital Transformation in Government and...

Changing Realities of Digital Transformation in Government and Public Sector

Catalina Joseph, Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Digital transformation in government and the public sector means that the citizens can be provided with far better services at a lower cost.

FREMONT, CA: Across the world, governments and government agencies are deploying digital transformation initiatives for many reasons, of which the experience of a changing citizen is one and cost savings another. These transformations happen on national, regional, local, supra-national levels. They also happen beyond governments and among others in public sector services. Increasing efficiency and transparency, improving processes, attracting new investors, bridging the digital divide, transforming government services, enhancing citizen satisfaction and trust, and meeting the needs of rapidly changing demographics are factors playing a role in the ongoing digitization and digital transformation of government and the public sector. Ultimately, the ability of government and public service agencies to adapt will determine their survival. Read on to know more.

Top 10 Govt and Public Sector Tech Consulting/Services Companies in Europe - 2019The requirement to create a lean and efficient government, coupled with the needs around embracing new responsibilities and enhancing citizen services online, means attention diverted to digital channels will drastically increase in the coming years.  The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has also provided digital services to a new level, with offerings launched for services ranging from citizen welfare and public safety to healthcare.

New technologies are being adopted into almost all areas of life. People have come to expect easy access to online services across multiple devices, regardless of time and space. This demand translates to public services, which is dependent on technology that can offer the same efficient service when it comes to fast-moving, quality customer interactions. Ultimately, the objective of digital transformation in the government and public sector is to achieve a multi-speed IT environment, implementing flexible, fast-moving IT systems for dynamic customer-facing processes for critical applications.

In conclusion, many government areas have been rapidly forced into the digital future and to seize opportunities. Governments and public sector agencies must avoid returning to legacy governance, processes, and how things were. The sector should recognize that digital transformation can provide not only long-term savings and huge gains, but also deliver better citizen and workforce experiences.

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