Capture the Truth with Motorola's Si200 Body-Worn Camera

Capture the Truth with Motorola's Si200 Body-Worn Camera

By Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Motorola Solutions recently announced the launch of the Si200 body worn camera which is the latest addition to the company’s digital evidence ecosystem. The device seamlessly integrates with the company’s software that manages the digital evidence; this enables the officers to efficiently and securely manage the content with CommandCentral Vault in one system. The body-worn camera captures high-definition video and possesses additional progressive capabilities. Tagging of video, correlating video with incident information in the police record, automating redaction, and maintaining chain custody when managing record is simplified when the CommandCentral Vault syncs with digital evidence technology.

The complete digital ecosystem enables the user to manage files, connect public safety workflows, and analyze digital evidence under one platform. Digital evidence from different providers can be managed with Motorola solutions’ digital evidence management platform. There are various companies that provide digital evidence technology, but it does not integrate with the workflow, this increases work burden for the law enforcement agencies which already have limited resources. The solution centralizes the digital evidence, records, and other multimedia content in one secure location. There is a prominent need for video evidence in court, and it is essential for the officer to have a reliable and straightforward way to capture visuals and manage the evidence. The rugged body of the camera makes it ideal for officers to capture evidence and protect the truth durably. A high-resolution camera makes sure that details are recorded flawlessly and low light recording also fares well.

The device will last full 12-hour shift to make sure that it is readily available when needed. Smartphone application allows the user to tag and playback in the field while streaming live. The captured video will be uploaded to the organization if it is integrated with Wi-Fi. The video is embedded with the location of captured video evidence as it has GPS incorporated. The video is protected to keep the evidence safe and the device signs all the captured content to make sure that chain of custody will verify the authenticity before transferring the files from CommandCentral Vault. The Si200 is easy to wear and can withstand tough conditions with an IP67. MIL-STD-810G rating ensures that it is durable.



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