Can Process Automation Help in Public Sector Transformation?

Can Process Automation Help in Public Sector Transformation?

Gov CIO Outlook | Monday, June 15, 2020

The public sector needs to engage the citizens in enhancing their services and facilities with the help of technologies.

FREMONT, CA: Technology has turned out to be an essential component to transform public services in the world today. Government, as well as the public sector, are making use of modern technologies to transform the methods of public goods and services into a digital space. Furthermore, public areas are implementing the latest technologies, just like the way their private sector counterparts do with technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and more. There has always been a constant struggle to figure out multiple ways that can help in reducing the cost for services as well as the facilities, produce efficiencies, and enhance economic and social outcomes.

Additionally, the public sector can make sure that people can engage with them even without making a prior appointment or visiting the offices. Giving them the comfort of ‘anytime and anywhere’ flexibility with the help of self-service portals, they can lend a helping hand to the sector organizations (PSOs) to engage the citizens in enhancing the standards of their contributions. A self-service portal can serve many essential purposes, such as claiming benefits for social programs, paying taxes or bills, retrieving tax documents, and reporting problems.

Such initiatives are most likely to be preferred by the PSOs because of their custom software development services. Providing citizen engagement can also keep the citizens well-informed about their rights as well as their potential to be an active contributor to build a smart city. Meanwhile, the PSOs look for better options to connect with the citizens through diverse channels such as chatbots, mobile apps, smart speakers, and much more.

When it comes to the pain points of the public sector, lesser productivity caused by a higher volume of work, insufficient tools to deal with tasks, and the lack of workforce is critical components. There are a few ways, such as process automation, that can help in automating the tasks performed by an average human being, which can additionally streamline the priority and execution of essential duties.

Irrespective of the industry in which a public sector organization works, process automation can majorly help in modifying the way they handle their tasks. In the same way, process automation can also be adopted to build a virtual workforce in different sectors like health, central government, police, education, and more.

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