Can Fleet Management be the Key to Enhance Public Safety...

Can Fleet Management be the Key to Enhance Public Safety Effectiveness?

By Gov CIO Outlook | Monday, December 16, 2019

The governments are turning towards fleet management solutions to increase public safety with in-vehicle equipment and dedicated broadband to know the conditions of the vehicles. 

FREMONT, CA: Recently, along with other technologies, fleet management is catching a lot of attention from the government agencies. Fleet management solutions offer agencies with detail, near real-time insights into the crucial fleet and in-first responder events.

Recently, a fleet management solution, FirstNet, was introduced to public safety agencies to increase awareness, efficiency, and security for first responders and public safety fleets.

Strong Networking Solutions Relay extensive data

Public safety agencies were able to track individual vehicles from the early days of GPS solutions. Now, the agencies can do more tasks with fleet management by embracing robust internet deployments. Fleet management solutions will enable departments to streamline and safeguard their connectivity and will also empower officers to more conveniently tie into departmental data and applications whenever required.Besides, IoT is bringing transformation in the coordination of first responder fleets.

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The IoT puts modern tools in the vehicles and hands of law enforcement and first responders to act quickly and more effectively. In-vehicle network connectivity, body-worn connected gadgets, and wireless computer-aided dispatch provide information in real-time for helping medical responders, firefighters, and government in minimizing response times and save more lives.

Vehicle details can be tracked by technicians with fleet management

Many fleet management solutions provide customers with insights into the vehicle diagnostic data for the overall fleet, which includes battery level, oil level, check engine lights, and the odometer as well. The solution decodes fault codes into an alert that triggers technicians to take action. The solutions also hold the potential to display the status of things like vehicle’s seat belts usage and tire pressure. All the diagnostics are transferred to a cloud platform by the vehicle that relays the data to the technicians. Further, these technicians determine its condition immediately as well as its overall longevity.

Besides, the solutions capitalize on successful public safety tools—body-worn and in-vehicle cameras. With the help of AI, fleet management tools can read in-vehicle cameras as well as can detect insecure driving habits, like surveying an accident scene to help determine whose fault it was.

The bottom line is fleet management solutions are proving to be very beneficial in enhancing officer efficiency and security. With advancing technology, more is yet to come.

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