Can Cybersecurity Coordinators Reduce Cyber Attacks?

Can Cybersecurity Coordinators Reduce Cyber Attacks?

By Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The initiative of employing cybersecurity state coordinator positions can help in strengthening the state, as well as the local government, to stand risk-free against cybersecurity.

FREMONT, CA  People have witnessed a transformative wave that took place during the 2010s with highly enhanced technology abilities to help the federal government. Besides assisting the government, it also additionally allowed the applications that have fundamentally transformed every way a government offers services to its people. The latest tech abilities, nevertheless, have also given rise to many unique challenges that have evaluated the potential of the government, when it comes to adapting a faster and digitally improved environment for universal communication and commerce.

The technological developments will put the existing systems under a test, and redefine the value of the citizens in the States and around the world, amidst welcoming the new decade. The US is looking at the legislation to save the local government by demanding the appointment of an individual cybersecurity leader for every state.

The initiation taken to provide cybersecurity leader for each state will improve the intelligence sharing between state and federal governments, and help in increasing the pace of incident response times in case a cyber attack has occurred. The directors of the leading security departments of the US are given the responsibility to appoint individual employees in every state to serve as the cybersecurity state coordinator. The federal government of the nation will be financially supporting the positions, which is essential to protect the valuable funding.

A cybersecurity state coordinator has to be multifaceted, who can easily combine every element of training, advisory work, as well as program development. The leaders need to serve as the prime federal cybersecurity risk advisor, who manages the efforts to prepare, react, and fix the situation of cyber-attacks. Besides, they also carry the responsibility to raise awareness of the financial, technological, and operational resources, which are available to the non-federal entities through the federal government.

The selected coordinators will have to support training, exercises, and strategizing in order to keep the operations working, and also enhance the speed of recovery as much as possible from cybersecurity occurrences. Moreover, they will also be developing and coordinating vulnerability disclosure plans parallel to federal and information security industry values.

Since the public sector companies and other entities are encountering a growing threat from advanced threat groups, it is a critical need for a greater rendezvous and expertise to strengthen the entities by building their resilient defenses.

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