Building the Perfect RMM Platform with Patch Management and File...

Building the Perfect RMM Platform with Patch Management and File Transfer

By Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Remote Monitoring and Management Software improved with the Offering of an instant file transfer feature and an additional 3rd Party Patching Logos.

FREMONT, CA: To install or update software, to observe the behavior of a new device to evaluate performance and to provide alerts remotely needs an RMM agent. A remote monitoring and management software that is easy-to-use, flexible, and cost-effective that is also mobile-first, and cloud-first software. This is exactly what the company Pulseway is offering, along with which it has announced the addition of a file transfer feature for the Pulseway Remote Desktop application. The new feature allows the businesses to send and receive files from both the source and destination points.

The Pulseway Desktop app empowers the businesses to quickly and seamlessly connect to any endpoint from anywhere around the globe. An instantaneous connection to the endpoint is established without the opening of ports or firewall rules. It is as if the user is directly seated in front of the device. Additionally, users can switch screens, control the mouse or send keystrokes without having to be physically present near the machine. 

The software has been a boon to many businesses that have their workforce spread across the globe, and fetching of files just got more comfortable with the new additional feature. Monitoring of the workforce, evaluation of the performance by keeping in check the KPIs, and provide seamless user access, which is of the supreme importance.

Along with the file transfer feature, Pulseway continues to develop the company’s wide-ranging third party patching capabilities with the addition of more than 20 notable logos. The list of the new vendors continues to grow and now includes Citrix workspace, Skype, Google Chrome and many others.

With features like simple to use, fast UI, a smooth patch management module, an all-in-one dashboard to provide immediate updates with push notifications make up for a great remote agent. But, the addition of fully-customizable API, ease-of-use prioritized deployment, and tightly bound group policies result to make a mobile-first, cloud-first RMM platform. Pulseway has built a better than the best platform for remote agents. 

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