Brian Mitchell is Named the New Vice President of Sales of Vioguard

Brian Mitchell is Named the New Vice President of Sales of Vioguard

By Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Vioguard Inc. has appointed Brian Mitchell as its new Vice President of Sales,where he will direct the expansion of the business into new markets.

FREMONT, CA: Vioguard Inc. is a provider of ultraviolet light disinfecting solutions. The company has announced the joining of Brian Mitchell as Vice President of Sales. His position will support the requirement for Vioguard's solutions to fight against COVID-19 and other infections in the future along with clients across industries who need an essential solution for sanitation.

Mitchell has brought two decades of leadership experience in mobility, enterprise, retail, and consumer goods industries to his new position at Vioguard. As the VP of Sales, he will be guiding while the Vioguard's business extends into new markets and industries.

Mr. Mitchell said, "It is a critical time in the world, and I am excited to join a team who is paving the way in technology looking to help solve the world's most current and immediate crisis. At Vioguard, we are taking the lead by creating products for everyday life to further assist the nation and the world in slowly re-opening to guarantee a safe space for consumers and businesses alike.I am eagerly looking forward to expanding Vioguard's commitment to a cleaner and healthier world as Vice President of Sales."

Before joining in his new position at Vioguard, Mitchell served as the Senior Growth Director, Client Services at Asurion, and National Sales Director at LG Electronics Mobilecomm USA.

Vioguard's aim is to protect lives by fighting against the spread of infectious disease. The organization's dedication to a cleaner and healthier world by implementing UV-C in products for everyday life has led to the growth of business partnerships across the industries as they embrace the new normal. Mitchell's previous experience with both strategy and business development will be advantageous to Vioguard's efforts to expand the business further worldwide.

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