Blue Ridge Networks' Strategic Approach to Enhance Cybersecurity...

Blue Ridge Networks' Strategic Approach to Enhance Cybersecurity Solutions

By Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, December 19, 2018

John Higginbotham, Chairman & CEO

“The most frequent comment from our customers is that our stuff just works,” states John Higginbotham, the Chairman and CEO of Blue Ridge Networks, a leading cybersecurity provider that has pioneered proven network infrastructure, remote access, and endpoint cybersecurity solutions. Blue Ridge Networks’ security solutions prevent breaches which are undetectable by other methods from occurring in the network or at an endpoint, reliably and efficiently. It should be greatly appreciated that these solutions do their job without requiring detection, scanning, updates, and patches. For this reason, Blue Ridge Networks has built a superior level of trust between U.S. agencies and top companies within a lesser amount of time, when breaches are simply not an option.

The security solutions offered by Blue Ridge Networks produce reliable operations utilizing software or hardware-based security to meet the requirements of the clients. These solutions work with their clients’ IT infrastructure seamlessly to keep their network isolated and the data secure. The firm’s products like BorderGuard and AppGuard solutions are now used in some of the largest, most sensitive government, financial, critical infrastructure and health networks to secure thousands of clients from cyber attacks and zero-day malware or vulnerabilities.

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As Blue Ridge Networks expands their business, they continue to enhance their overall operations by welcoming more experts on to the core team; Dr. SriniMirmirahas recently been promoted to be the company’s President to help achieve its vision and lead the enterprise. Mirmira had earlier served in the same organization as the Senior Vice President, Cybersecurity Solutions, overseeing the development and market introduction of its next-generation solutions before his promotion. Now,in the new role, he will be responsible to manage some of the key elements of the firm’s business such as establishing strategic partnerships in key verticals, executing corporate strategy, and supervising the consistentenhancement of its cybersecurity solutions. An expert like Mirmira will be an asset to Blue Ridge Networks because of his excellent career backgrounds, educational backgrounds, and experiences.

"The most frequent comment from our customers is that our stuff just works"

The company has strategically partnered with some of the popular organizations such as American Cuber, AppGuard, Blue Planet-Works, Flagship Connection, Onclave Networks, Vericlave, CenturyLink, and Pathway Partners to improve its offerings to its clients. For more than 20 years, Blue Ridge Networks has worked with these partners strives to achieve their goal of enabling their clients to be more secured.

Higginbotham adds that the company will continue to add severalnext-generation capabilities and bring them to the market in partnership with sponsoring customers and channel partnersto effectively address cybersecurity challenges in several sectors including healthcare, energy,banking, Industrial Control Systems (ICS) providers, Industrial IoT (IIoT) uses, and many other critical infrastructure operations.

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