Believe it or Not: Technology is the Savior!

Believe it or Not: Technology is the Savior!

By Gov CIO Outlook | Thursday, September 12, 2019

Nothing can be better than having an idea about the disaster ahead of time to help save multiple lives. In such a desperate situation, it is AI that comes to the rescue.

FREMONT, CA: There are several fields where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have made an impact, but disaster preparedness and relief has become the new bailiwick of technology today. AI helps in the correct implementation of the technology by assisting and notifying the first responders, along with the communities affected about the wreck. 

Prediction and Forecast:

The major strength of AI is experienced when it increases the abilities to predict the disaster and preparing the authorities before the landfall. The technology helps in accumulating an ample amount of data relevant to the potential of the disaster as well as provides pictures with high resolution for keen analysis. The utilization of AI in the emergency management industry can lower the destruction as it alerts the teams beforehand and allows them to plan various strategies that can sustain them during the calamity. It can also predict the areas that can be most affected by a disaster and help take better decisions concerning building permits and insurance. Moreover, AI can be a priceless asset when it comes to tracking and preparedness as well as updating crucial defense mechanisms.

On-Ground Capabilities:

Today, whenever there is an occurrence of natural disaster, people on the ground switch to social media to efficiently crowdsource rescue operations by running initiatives that involve donations and assistance. These social media platforms depend on ML algorithms and AI functionality to help both ordinary people and first responders to stay updated and organized. Algorithms can be used to convey precise information, whereas AI can be utilized to filter data from millions of social media posts. Together they can help the rescue workers to reach the most affected places.

AI in the Aftermath:

The delays in various insurance claims and financial hardships following the disaster can be a worry. With the help of AI, insurance companies go through the claims data and filter the high-priority requests in a seamless process.

The AI and Robot Combination:

The robots are being widely used to supervise and gather precise information about the destructions wherever humans cannot enter. The combination of the independent machines and the AI algorithms can be an essential asset that can enhance the ability to secure people and properties before and after the disaster.

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