Bee Smart City and Labcities: Forming the World's Largest Smart...

Bee Smart City and Labcities: Forming the World's Largest Smart City Network

By Gov CIO Outlook | Thursday, November 22, 2018

Bee smart city, a cluster of smart city experts, has proven its caliber in accelerating the development of prosperous smart cities around the world since their birth in the market in 2017. For this goal to be achieved, bee smart city has partnered with various solution providers, leading organizations, and associations. Recently, it has partnered with the Labacities, an organization that provides an opportunity to share knowledge and connects with experts, solution providers, and public governments.

The partnership of the bee smart cities and Labcities was officially announced at Smart City Expo World Congress, Barcelona on the 13th of November 2018. Both parties stated that this partnership would be an excellent opportunity for the beneficiaries and this merger would be the largest solution in the world and a product-based smart city community network. They are expecting to integrate both the organizations' activities and operate as a single venture under the bee smart city brand.

With more than 1,500 registered companies, around 600 cities and communities, the global united smart city platform has more than 500 smart city solutions and 300,000 plus smart city actors. The ultimate goal of the merger is to create an easier smart city business to ensure the progress of the smarter cities and communities in the smart city platform across the world. The merger aims to create a connected network of the various smart city experts, service providers, and governments to have a platform where the beneficiaries can share best practice solutions or services and products to provide new areas for new mergers, acquisitions, and new projects to improve the learning and knowledge sharing. 

The platform will create a database of smart cities actors and go on a new pace to engage the world’s largest smart city network. Focusing into an information sharing platform and collective intelligence of the smart cities actors from the whole world through the smart city, the platform will result in the development of the smart cities.

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