Artificial Intelligence: Skyrocketing the Business Sector...

Artificial Intelligence: Skyrocketing the Business Sector Transformation

Gov CIO Outlook | Monday, June 03, 2019

FREMONT, CA: AI is upon us and has entered our lives already. The revolution of this technology right from voice assistants, behavioral algorithms to self-driving cars, faces no turn back. As human beings, we have always been committed to making advancements, whether in our own lives or our work. Technology has become one of the vehicles driving our mutual need for improvement, and AI and Machine learning are making strides compared to the conventional analog technology. AI has enormous potential to catapult businesses beyond the status quo and adapt to new dynamics when it comes to business operations.

In today's business landscape, the centrality of customer experience has inspired many businesses to adopt a more holistic approach to improving customer experience. AI can help companies to develop highly personalized customer experiences. AI can ingest and aggregate all of a customer's different touchpoints with a brand and assess what drives the behavior of customers. AI promises to help organizations understand customers better and anticipate their requirements by delivering customers with the right marketing prescriptions at the right time.

AI is helping companies to transform their hiring processes and operations. It can help companies cast a broader network to identify highly qualified candidates for specific jobs by scanning the resumes and other talent sources. It can audit job descriptions, interview transcripts, and call logs to detect and correct hidden biases in the hiring process and evaluate candidates accurately. There are already several tools available on the market; Machine-level cognitive talent management solutions allow potential match applicants with the specific jobs in which they will thrive.

AI offers enormous potential in terms of enhancing employee engagement and retention. By using sentiment analysis technologies and other emerging tools, AI-powered tools can help businesses confidently understand employee engagement. It can surface insight into what drives employee behaviors and generate strong recommendations on how to motivate employees most effectively and reward behaviour.

Data is the cornerstone of today's business, and AI is key to mining the data's most significant benefit. AI promises to evolve business operations by leveraging AI to gain a deeper understanding of customers and employees.

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