Artificial Intelligence for water management

Artificial Intelligence for water management

Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, December 11, 2018

There is nothing more essential than water on earth. It connects every aspect of life. But water crisis has become one of the major crises among the globe now. It is said that only less than one percent of the earth surface water is suitable for human consumption and today one in nine people lack access to pure water. The unregulated use of water, drastic weather changes, groundwater depletion, unhealthy ecosystem etc have worsened the condition. The rising challenges are freshwater shortage, groundwater shrinkage and irregularities in supply and demand.

Issues like flooding, precipitation, loss during transport need accurate and detailed data about water systems to measure it along with groundwater management. The infrastructure and economic limitations hinder collecting the data regarding these issues.

At this point Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes for help.AI can be used to prevent water wastage which in a way will help in reducing the global water crisis. Organizations have already started using artificial intelligence for water control. These mechanisms have been successfully and effectively deployed.

AI techniques such as Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and Support Vector Machine (SVM) are being popularly used as they are less cost-effective when compared to big data mechanisms. ANN is used in prediction and forecasting variables in water resource engineering. SVM model is used to predict the surface water from some directly measurable parameters. They are popularly used as a cost-effective mechanism.

The decision-making abilities of AI can optimize and automate usage of available water resources. The governing bodies and concerned departments are aided in understanding real-time water loss and wastage.

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