Artificial intelligence + Cybersecurity= The Robocop or The...

Artificial intelligence + Cybersecurity= The Robocop or The Terminator?

Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, February 01, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already been applied to various fields like healthcare, defense, education, manufacturing and also cybersecurity.  Cybersecurity is the main concern for today’s digital world as there are still uncertainties about the impact of AI. Governments and corporate companies all over the world are trying to improvise and find new uses of AI and Machine Learning creating more opportunities in the respective field. AI automates the detection of threat and combat even with minimum to zero involvement of the humans.  AI in cybersecurity means letting machines fight against the threats by themselves. The pros and cons of this integration are


Cybersecurity providers plan to detect and block suspicious behavior by training AI software on huge datasets of cybersecurity, network and physical information. Companies might even incorporate ML into cybersecurity in the future.

 Since AI is totally machine language driven, it assures guaranteed error-free cyber-security services. Collaborating AI with a right Security-intelligence personnel will leverage its maximum potential against all the types of attacks. Hackers with high skills know how to trigger the right attacks, leaving the company’s cyber cell no clues about what happened. AI supports the defenders to protect and stay strong even against a continuous series of attacks.

AI also benefits cybersecurity with the password protection and authenticity detection systems. AI is being used to detect physical characteristics like fingerprints, retina scans, etc making the system more safe and secure than ever.


There are some extreme vulnerabilities regarding AI usage. It’s not only the ethical hackers who know how to put AI as a shield but even cybercriminals are using it as their weapons. Cybercriminals have also started to gain control over AI, making them more powerful and skilled to develop the hacks and methodologies to break the cyber securities. Despite having specific cybersecurity cells, Companies are still vulnerable to sophisticated cybercriminals as they use AI to find ways to break the cybersecurity walls.

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