Are Intelligent Surveillance Cameras Invading Citizens' Privacy?

Are Intelligent Surveillance Cameras Invading Citizens' Privacy?

Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The time has come to stop making efforts to overextend AI video surveillance to carry out the work of security professionals.

FREMONT, CA: With the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI), people have worked on increasing their focus on privacy. The use of AI-enabled video surveillance brings skeptical thought in people as it can compromise their civil liberties in a way. It can be considered as a false choice made between safety and privacy when it comes to smart surveillance.

Some systems have attempted to leverage the technology, which is not advanced yet, pushing the specter of misuse, while others try to invade the privacy of citizens for minor security benefits. However, there are possibilities of AI video surveillance to bring higher public safety without giving up on the civil liberties of them.

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The explanation in using AI is to enable the human security professionals to perform their jobs better, without stretching the abilities of AI to take over the responsibilities completely. AI surveillance consists of three major categories, which are behavioral analysis, facial recognition, and object detection. Where the first two categories raise distress, the other proves to be more practical.

Behavioral analysis significantly attempts to detect the alleged suspicious behavior before any wrongdoings are reported. Apart from human action recognition and anomaly detection, contextual understanding is one of the most developed traits that are yet to be implemented to find, if it provides a way for such type of general intelligence.

The issue is that computers lag when it comes to common sense to relate things to the external world. It can identify an image for anything the person needs but fails to grasp the context around the requirement. Some companies have already implemented the technology into action that carries a part of the system with smart cameras that intend to discover suspicious behaviors.

In the case of mass shootings, police officers will have limited information about the shooter’s location or appearance without real-time updates to respond. On the other hand, object detection AI surveillance systems can help in detecting weapons, abandoning objects, and identifying threatening items with precision.

As an alternative, it will be ideal to focus more on technologies that have been providing real as well as actionable data to do the jobs better. In that way, a safer society devoid of sacrificing civil liberties is possible.

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