AR Firefighter Masks Revolutionizing the Fire Department

AR Firefighter Masks Revolutionizing the Fire Department

By Gov CIO Outlook | Wednesday, December 04, 2019

The job of any firefighter is full of danger and challenges. Hence, any new technology that eases their risky job and helps them work better will be welcomed by them.

FREMONT, CA: Firefighters rushing into a burning building risking their lives to save the trapped inside have to deal with a lot of factors like, smoke, intense heat, and communicating with the commander and another fellow firefighter. New fire technologies can make their jobs easier and allow them to save lives faster. Augmented reality (AR) helmets and masks have the potential to fulfill the firefighters' requirements. The AR helmets and masks give the fire department greater situational awareness. Augmented Reality can help the firefighters to get information about the location they are moving through, giving structural layouts and even guiding where are the doorframes and people are in the smoke-filled environment. Even technology in drones can be beneficial to provide information about fires to the fire departments by feeding them live video from the incident.

AR Mask and its Use

Recently the firefighters have started to carry thermal vision cameras when they enter the burning buildings to help them see through the smoke and flames. The only drawback of these gears is that the firefighters cannot act freely. With an attached thermal camera insider their helmet, they use computer vision through a computer module to capture the thermal images and deliver directly into the firefighters' field of vision inside the mask.

AR Firefighter Helmets Help with Training

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The implementation of augmented reality technology helps firefighters improve training before attending to the actual emergency calls. AR allows the firefighters in their practice by helping in navigating places and looking for digital beacons in smoke-filled environments that are digitally created. It also helps the commander s to give real-time feedback for the performance of the firefighters in the training scenario.

The training methods have remained unchanged and un-updated for decades despite the emergence of new technologies because adopting any new technology comes with benefits as well as risks of malfunctioning. Considering the fact that firefighters are also known as the first responders, therefore, they cannot fall short in their service due to any technical fault, which has bared the department to adopt new technologies and change their methods, until now.

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