Aquia Joins Digital Services Coalition Of Companies That Drives...

Aquia Joins Digital Services Coalition Of Companies That Drives Government Transformation

Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, September 02, 2022

In an effort to change government through digital transformation, Aquia joins the Digital Services Coalition.

Fremont, CA: Aquia joined the Digital Services Coalition (DSC), a group of enterprises seeking to improve government operations via digital transformation. Within the government, groups such as the United States Digital Service/Corp, 18F, and Presidential Innovation Fellows are already leading initiatives to enhance how the government provides services to the American people. However, they will require the assistance of commercial IT corporations in order to make significant changes to how they operate. Firms that are agile and forward-thinking will be able to make this a reality.

The Digital Services Coalition is driven by the following values as thought leaders, advisors, and trusted partners in government digital services:

Network: Create a collaborative community of creative suppliers to influence government digital services.

Advocacy: Advocate for policies that reduce obstacles to government innovation while promoting the adoption of best practices, techniques, and processes such as human-centered design and agile delivery.

Impact: Make a significant impact on users' everyday lives by improving contacts with the government and focusing equitable distribution to those historically underserved.

Education: Educate the civic IT ecosystem on digital service best practices, including government agencies, other suppliers, and consumers.

Collaboration: Build long-term connections with our vendor and government partners to ensure long-term success in digital service.

Aquia is a developer-centric startup formed in 2021 by military veterans with a passion for the confluence of security and speed, as well as decades of experience delivering revolutionary change across the public sector, enterprise, and top-tier technology firms. They respect trust, accountability, openness, and diversity at Aquia and embedded these values into their company's DNA.

"Aquia and the DSC have a lot of the same characteristics as organizations," said Aquia Chief Executive Officer David Maskeroni. "Joining this team of dedicated professionals will ensure Aquia remains focused on the toughest challenges in government, and we know that this partnership will allow us to continue to be a force for good."

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