Apptio launches unified federal technology Application-Apptio...

Apptio launches unified federal technology Application-Apptio Federal Insights

Gov CIO Outlook | Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Sunny Gupta, CEO

Apptio, the key driver for digital transformation, has announced the release of Apptio Federal Insights, which is specially designed to enable the federal agency to streamline IT resources and drive the maximum realization of mission-critical goals. The new and free application will simplify the analysis of federal technology spending.

Apptio’s keen analysis provides a complete insight into the financial aspects of the federal agency. The all-new application impacts the federal agency by providing clearer visibility, smart and practical data-driven decision-making analytics, automated services, and thereby ensuring mission success. Featuring unified technology, the details of the financial and accounting processes provide a consolidated view of the vendor spend, IT spend and the standards followed by the federal agencies. “Apptio’s decision to build a readily accessible free application, using publicly available data, will give federal agencies tremendous insight into where their IT dollars are being spent,” said Adam Mcllwain, Senior Manager of SIE Consulting Group.        

“Because many agencies are using tools and processes that are not purpose-built to manage the complexity of IT, there is an excessive amount of unvalidated data throughout federal agencies,” said Bob Carter, VP of Public Sector and Operations at Apptio. “That is why it is crucial for agencies to apply a set of foundational rules through TBM and Apptio to gain insights, validate data and support their digital transformation journey while making strategic business decisions,” he continued.

Modernizing the federal agencies’ methodologies and uncovering expert insights to understand the actual transactions of the IT dollars, Apptio powers federal agencies with high-tech strategies in the form of Apptio Federal Insights Application. “As a strong proponent of the TBM taxonomy, SIE Consulting Group has consistently fought to help our federal customers modernize their technology infrastructures. Using sophisticated machine learning capabilities, Apptio’s investment in this analytics tool will kickstart agencies pursuing TBM implementation and accelerate the tremendous benefits of achieving robust cost transparency,” conveyed the Adam Mcllwain, Senior Manager of SIE Consulting Group.

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