An Outlook onto Critical Incident Management

An Outlook onto Critical Incident Management

By Gov CIO Outlook | Thursday, March 26, 2020

Sam Klietz, SVP & Chief Client Officer

Juvare’s Juvare Exchange, a collaborative incident management network helps to connect the private, public, and healthcare sectors in real-time.

FREMONT, CA: Juvare, a global leader in decisive incident planning, response technology, and management, announced the release of Juvare Exchange, a collaborative incident management network that connects the private, public, and healthcare sectors in real-time.

Juvare Exchange facilitates quicker and broader access to data and resources by regulating methods of information sharing across areas and between levels of government through a safe nationwide connection. With Juvare Exchange, stakeholders can connect across an extensive network of public or private organizations, eliminating industrial and geographical barriers to enable faster, more efficient decisions, by making every second count.

The enterprise has been featured among Gov CIO Outlook Magazine’s Top 10 Emergency Management Solution Providers – 2018. Juvare, Latin for the expression ‘to help,’ offers technology solutions that help organizations with administrating their emergency response incidents. “Our solutions enable organizations to monitor every aspect of the emergency management continuum, from planning to response and recovery, and through mitigation. We strive to provide end-to-end solutions,” states Sam Klietz, chief client officer at Juvare.

The initial release of Juvare Exchange contains a central dashboard with map views, summary status indicators, and a real-time update feed. The released data also includes shared data from the Juvare client network, along with external data. The external data includes shelter status from the National Shelter System, weather alerts from the National Weather Service, health advisories from CDC HAN, and retail store status from SABER, traffic/road status from Existing Juvare clients can add a Juvare Exchange subscription to their existing plan, and all latest Juvare products sold will be packaged with Juvare Exchange.

 Juvare Exchange, along with facilitating interaction and collaboration across private, public, and healthcare sectors also provides collaboration across jurisdictional and geographical borders, in a single real-time dashboard. Enabled by critical data sharing, the network offers a complete resource hub and dynamic interaction for a proactive, coordinated response that is essential for efficient critical event management.

Juavare Exchange facilitates to:

• Break down barriers to prepare, connect and respond,
• Respond efficiently and quickly,
• Protect people, property, and brands,
• Connect with shared critical data.

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