AL and ML Leading the Technological Revolution

AL and ML Leading the Technological Revolution

Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, February 15, 2019

Supported by progressive technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) the digital landscape has evolved in a way they change all the aspects of life. Today no one can imagine day to day activities without them. As this pace of change continues to accelerate, it will be more exciting to see the changes AI and ML brings to various industries.


A significant area where AI and ML have taken off is in transport. Their application in industry is driving the evolution of next-generation intelligent transportation systems. They are enabling the transportation industry to harness the power of modern computing and communication technologies and make mobility a much faster and greener activity. The several challenges that are persistent in the transportation industry including safety, reliability, and efficiency are plaguing the sector. Arguably the most crucial consideration, security has changed with the advent of AI and ML. Use of AI in public transportation has enhanced the reliability of the service, one of the key drivers of its adoptions within the industry. Also, these technologies have undoubtedly improved the efficiency of systems integrated with it. The need of this hour is that the polluting substance within the travel and transportation industry is required to be reduced. AI could play a key role in developing and deploying to deal with pollution to come up with environmentally friendly methods to run and power vehicles.

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Speech and Language

Communication with machines was something unthinkable in the past but is today's driving force of new generation speech recognition solutions. The use of path-breaking technologies like AI and ML in speech recognition is helping enterprises to deliver smarter services. By ushering a silent revolution in speech and language technologies AI and ML are providing enterprises an increase in digital relevance and audience reach.


AI systems, especially learning techniques such as ML thrive on rich data sets. When fed appropriately with data these systems discover trends, patterns, and correlations in shopping that could ever hope to find manually. A well-tailored ML system combined with additional details such as purchase histories, product preferences can help develop deep insights and pricing tailored to maximize revenue and profit.

Health and Medicine

When it comes to prediction based on data AI is fast and accurate. This ability is taking the healthcare industry by storm. More investment is going to practical AI, and ML drove applications as they are generating revenue. The top applications include robot-assisted surgery, virtual nursing assistants, and administrative workflow assistance.

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