AINS Forms Strategic Alliance With IP Datasolutions

AINS Forms Strategic Alliance With IP Datasolutions

Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, September 02, 2022

The Mobile Message Store Solution is a new agreement that allows government clients to securely archive and recover text messages from government-owned handsets.

Fremont, CA: AINS is a significant provider of case management systems and information technology services to the federal government. AINS software helps businesses to simplify procedures across several areas of business. AINS, founded in 1988, is headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and employs 161 people in the DC Metro region.

AINS, the market leader in low-code, specialized case management software for government, signed a close alliance with IP DataSolutions, a services-led, value-added integrator of cloud solutions for file and emailed archival e-discovery and related specializations. It assists clients in overcoming the business issues associated with rapid information expansion, manual and semi-automated archive operations, and the legal and regulatory considerations that go along with it.

Incorporating IP DataSolutions technology into FOIAXpress, AINS' FOIA request management and tracking system, would enhance agencies' capacity to comply with The Federal Records Act. Furthermore, by automatically capturing and preserving text message data, agencies may instantly access securely stored text message data, performing record searches in minutes instead of weeks, avoiding time-consuming discovery, and ensuring that government data is neither lost nor forgotten.

"SMS and MMS text message archival is a prominent issue currently. With IP DataSolutions' decades-long expertise in the information management industry, AINS now offers fast, secure text message archival and retrieval as a part of our FOIAXpress solution. Our shared commitment to client satisfaction will help us continue building the best solutions to support federal government agencies and their efforts to improve transparency in the communities they serve," said Howard Langsam, chief executive officer of AINS.

IP DataSolutions aims to assist customers in overcoming the business issues connected with file and email preservation procedures and the legal and regulatory considerations accompanying them.

"Since our company was founded, we have always focused on listening to our customers' needs and carrying out the best approach for them in file and email archival," said Gary Thompson, Managing Partner, IP DataSolutions.

This agreement comes on the heels of AINS' recent announcement of a partnership with Veritone, which included incorporating Veritone's technology into FOIAXpress to automate audio, video, and picture redaction, further consolidating AINS' position as a leading FOIA solution.

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