Accelerating Justice Via Technology Child Advocacy Campaign...

Accelerating Justice Via Technology Child Advocacy Campaign Announced by VidaNyx, Digital Evidence Innovator

By Gov CIO Outlook | Thursday, October 15, 2020

VidaNyx has launched Accelerate Justice to support child advocacy centers.

FREMONT, CA: VidaNyx, a digital evidence innovator allowing secure, remote collaboration in child abuse investigations, declared the Accelerate Justice launch via a Technology campaign funded by a private donor.

This campaign follows various other recent pandemic support that has enabled more than 30 child advocacy centers serving more than 15,000 survivors of sexual assault, abuse, and neglect annually to transform their child protection response with their multidisciplinary teams digitally.

Select centers meeting the qualifying criteria will be contacted for consideration. The campaign is focused to support child advocacy centers that are in a funding gap due to the current health crisis and need a better outlook to sharing, managing, and protecting child forensic interview video evidence along with their multidisciplinary teams. Up to $100,000 of awards will be issued during October 2020.

As a social enterprise providing a secure, cloud-based digital evidence collaboration to accelerate and enhance justice and healing for survivors of child sexual assault, abuse, and neglect, VidaNyx continues to work in partnership with the philanthropic community to identify catalytic, gap-filling resources. However, a private donor stepped up to meet the critical need for next-generation evidence management. 

"Our goal is to ensure that these critical child testimonies are securely and immediately accessible to as many multidisciplinary collaborators as necessary to accelerate and enhance the delivery of services. No child should have to wait unnecessarily for justice and healing to begin," says Sara Boyd, CEO.

VidaNyx is 100 percent cloud-based software trusted by more than 2,000 agencies to view and manage the forensic interviews from 106 child advocacy centers throughout the nation and has helped these organizations protect more than 13,000 survivors in the pandemic. By shifting to digital evidence management with VidaNyx, users report up to 90 percent cost savings and 67 percent faster case preparation.

 After a report of abuse, children who participate in a forensic interview are video recorded to recount their traumatic story to all of the parties essential in their path towards justice and healing. The interview is uploaded into the VidaNyx cloud, which is protected by 13 layers of military-grade security and becomes instantly accessible to team members who are granted secure access to that video to inform their work on behalf of that child. 

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