A Solution for The Organization's Big Data Stack Latency

A Solution for The Organization's Big Data Stack Latency

Gov CIO Outlook | Friday, April 03, 2020

InsightEdge, the big data analytics platform provides the speed required for time-sensitive services with its new offering.

FREMONT, CA: To solve the speed challenges faced by the organizations regarding the big data stack latency, ingestion rate, and scalability. The renowned big data analytics processing platform, the InsightEdge is offering an In-Memory Computing Platform on AWS Marketplace. The InsightEdge platform is powerful and scalable, organizes the business logic, analytics, and data processing on to the same drive in the memory space. The GigaSpaces’ platform results in providing extreme performance. The platform can operate analytics and machine learning models all at once while streaming, transactional, and historical data, improving the speed and quality of insights from big data.

InsightEdge can be flexibly operated with AWS services like Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS). It is easy-to-deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications on AWS. The InsightEdge platform consumes the inflow, and analyzes streaming data from Amazon Kinesis and accesses siloed historical data on all user databases, data lakes, and warehouses including Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon RedShift, Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), to allow a real-time decision making based on both streaming and historical data in sub-second latency.

The InsightEdge Analytics Xtreme module is programmed to automatically ship data from the InsightEdge speed layer to Amazon S3 and Amazon EMR. The advanced mechanism for intelligent tiering guarantees that data is stored efficiently in the right storage layer based on performance. Instead of which, infrastructure optimization may cost almost the entire solution and data lifecycle. The approaches into data lakes usage can be accelerated by up to 100X, minimizing the time to execute batch analytics by orders of magnitude. The solution also imparts a unified logical view of data that exists across real-time and data lakes, including SQL, Spark dataset/DataFrame as well as BI tools, like Tableau and Looker.

Customers pay for the service most suitable, which is available across AWS Regions in North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe, solely based on data capacity, through AWS. Multiple Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance types are also compatible with the platform. The compatibility enables reference and sorting for different workloads hitches, whether they are CPU-based or memory-intensive.

InsightEdge can replicate data at sub-second latency to multiple AWS Regions for mission-specific applications spanning across multi-geographical sites. Data is duplicated accordingly to comply with the predefined filters that determine the necessary data transformations, custom aggregations, and compression, which reduces the costs of the network.

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