A Partnership to create Smarter Cameras and Safer Homes

A Partnership to create Smarter Cameras and Safer Homes

By Gov CIO Outlook | Thursday, July 25, 2019

A smart camera powered by AI to identify the people in its field of view and send a push notification to the owner is the latest grab in the field of consumer electronics.

FREMONT, CA: A camera augmented with AI has the potential to recognize both familiar and unfamiliar face alike is the result of the partnership between the two enterprises Wyze Labs, Inc and Xnor.ai. With the product of the integration being ultra-efficient and low-power AI computer vision capabilities to a line of affordable, able smart home products.

The amalgamation emphasizes Wyze’s ultimate mission of transforming advanced technologies into available products for consumers at extremely affordable price points. Wyze’s new AI capabilities are accessible to all existing consumers via a free firmware update for Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan.

The update for the Wyze Cams will also offer face detection option catered by Xnor’s edge AI capabilities. The feature will automatically identify the people when in the camera’s field of view. Wyze Cam owners have the option to receive push notifications for real-time alerts in case of detection of a face in the frame and filter out videos with specific people.

The state-of-art AI technology by Xnor is designed to work on-device, without the necessity to upgrade the current hardware, use any bandwidth, or drain computing. Wyze’s AI features will facilitate users to recognize relevant clips recorded by cameras efficiently, those containing similar people and will decrease the number of minor push notifications to Wyze Cam customers.

Wyze, being a company built by the community for the members of the community alike, roll out new features on the demand of its users. Improved notifications and leveraging of AI ingenuity were two of the most requested features among the users. Wyze took up the challenge to deliver a product combining these features, without compromising the quality, into a $20 camera.

The Wyze cam has not only fulfilled customer demands but also embraced the capabilities of AI in consumer electronics while mass-manufacturing it for millions of users. 

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